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This is a pet peeve of mine, and one I've run into more than once when designing stuff.


What you are looking for is GREY. It may be a very dark grey, but black screened down to most any level is no longer black but grey. Unless you're working with a crappy faded black but why would you want to do that?
Okay, I was checking my mail at work during a slow period and, while sifting through some aol article that had caught my eye I found this horrifying little gem. Apparently, it's possible for a woman's vagina to fall out.

Yes, you read that correctly, your vagina can fall out.


Brb, crossing my legs forever.

Dec. 22nd, 2009

You guys.


My secret santa at work? Got me the Avenging Unicorn playset.

While amusing on it's own, why is this notable enough for an entry, you ask?

Because, this sparkly magical creature of justice comes with four different horn attachments and 3 little people figurines. Figurines meant to be impaled.

I will never stop laughing. Remind me that I HAVE to take pictures of this, tonight.
Stupid fucking whoreson of a printer is broken.

Everything in this stupid place breaks. Right when we need to use it.

/crais moar


My job has amusingly ooky moments.

I am doing a funeral program for a Reverend Zack P.**

Who did I just get a call from two seconds ago? Zack P.**

It turned out to be the son of the man whose obituary I am currently typing out but, since he didn't add the "Junior" and Halloween has put me in a ghoulish mindset, I had to give the phone a wary look before it registered that, no, I was not getting a call from beyond the grave.

**last name abbreviated for the sake of client anonymity.


Fuck you, Murphy's Law.


Sometimes, I love this job. And for a very, very shallow reason which I will now expound upon.

At my old job I was required to make 16 logos a day. That is one logo per half hour. It is an internet based company, so clients would fill out questionnaires about what they wanted to see. Often times, these clients would not give us much direction to work with at all and then seemed baffled when we didn't turn out what they wanted (I sometimes wondered where it advertised that we were psychic designers, considering the number of times this happened). Other times they were expecting a specific look/feel/technique/amount of elaboration that we did not divine and, as a result, would say unkind things such as, "My third grader could have made this in Photoshop!" to which I could only stifle my urge to laugh and/or throttle something.

At the printshop I work at, it's different. Occasionally I won't turn out exactly what people want in a brochure or an invitation, but I'll take them back and work out the kinks of the design and they will be absolutely amazed when they see the process in action. It's incredibly simple stuff for this line of work: splice two versions of a letter in different fonts and join them together to make a letter that fits just what some lady was looking for in her wedding monogram, adjust a picture edit so that the imposed background cuts out more of the subject's hair, change the colour on something, etc. It's the sort of thing that the revisions (that's minor changes) department at my old job would get bitched at for not doing quicker. But when I do it in front of customers here at my current job? I feel like a Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Print Shop, extolling the marvels of my modern technology to people who have never seen the likes of it before and liken it to near miracle working. It gives me an ego boost that I know I don't deserve, yet I can't quite bring myself to care that I don't deserve it.

At the moment, my job is not as challenging or creatively involved as my previous one. I know I will have to move on at some point. But right now I'm enjoying the fact that I can work for and with people who can be appreciative because they aren't so far removed from a project that they can't see what goes into it. People who will actually apologize for nitpicking and I smile and tell them, "No, don't worry! This is exactly what I need to know."


So yeah, that's why I'm still here at work, piecing out a couple of wedding invitations and a couple of business cards. >.>

Aug. 14th, 2009

I finally figured out why I've been feeling more short tempered than usual at work. Why I've been falling asleep and idling out on people in the middle of AIM convos (other than the fact that they're late at night, but... I usually hold out a little better than I have been). Why I've been unaccountably sore. Why I haven't had any drive to start anything new or answer my standing tags in RP.

I'm getting fucking siiiick. >_< I think I've been fighting it off since the weekend (was having bad headaches) but didn't realize it until today when I woke up with a sore throat that, yeaaah. There's a reason I've not been 100%.

All this to say, I apologize if I act flaky or short or something with you guys. Just smack me and tell me to straighten up.

Now, off to start popping some vitamin C and plow through another overtime work day. :|b

Edit: Ahahah, the thing I thought I would have to stay late to work on is being taken care of. Awesooooome.

Edit the second: Yeah, no, I was wrong gotta babysit a print job. :P Not quite as bad as what I'd thought I'd be staying to do, though.